Monthly Archives: December 2007

Too Lazy to Walk to “Safety”?

I know a Hungarian man in his fifties who fled Communist Hungary on foot. He believes, among other things, that poor people are poor because they are lazy. I would strongly disagree on many levels, but also because in terms of material wealth, I am poor, and I am a workaholic. He sells carpet and […]

Living Healthy On A Healthy Planet 1

Two bumper stickers caught my eye today. One was “All One Planet” and the other was, “Well, he’s winning the war on the environment”., the driving force behind this blog, is a green company and I am very proud to be able to say that and will continue to do whatever I can and […]

Sick Like Me 1

I am not overweight (see Fat Like Me below) and I am a Caucasian male, so I am not black (as in the book, Black Like Me), but I am sick most of the time. An odd thing for a fitness coach to confess, but, because of one of those unforeseen happenings in life, I […]

Fat Like Me

In 1961, journalist John Howard Griffin wrote the book, “Black Like Me“, from the diary he kept while posing as a black man travelling in racially segrated Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. I started to write an article, which will follow, about the risks of being overweight and obese, but those physical consequences pale in […]

Visualize Your Perfect Day

My perfect day starts at 4:00 am (literally) and waking up rested and refreshed (almost never with a 3 year old and a 1 year old). I get a big glass of water, a cup of coffee, do some work on the computer and then do my P90X workout. I come home, shower dress have […]

Results Based Motivation To Succeed

I’m Carl Daikeler, CEO of Product Partners, a marketing company which has specialized in developing fitness and weight loss products under the Beachbody brand since 1998.  My CEO motivation was to become a “walking billboard” for the business, and it occurred to us that my CEO-motivation to succeed could be replicated by other customers if […]

Exercise To Relieve Stress

The therapeutic benefits of regular exercise are well documented. Study after study has shown that it increases health and general well being. It’s been said that if exercise were a drug, it would be the most powerful medication on earth. However, it still seems difficult to get people to workout on a regular basis. When […]

6 Ways To Fire Up Your Metabolism

It can be discouraging when our results don’t seem to match the efforts we’re putting in. But instead of giving up on our fitness program, or worse, diving into the Twinkies (trust me, you’ll regret it!), try making just a few, easy changes to your diet and lifestyle that will fire up your metabolism. Sometimes […]