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This week’s theme is time management and fitting workouts into your busy schedules. Obviously, since it is already mid-afternoon and I am just posting the articles, I need to work on my own scheduling. This week’s articles are: Fitting Workouts into Your Busy Schedule Stick With Your Workout Plans The […]

Week Five Articles

In order to give you more resources to eat right and to fuel your body properly, I wanted to let you know about a six-part series on my site entitled “Nutrition 911”. Although I would like you to read all six, I will list them so that you can choose […]

Nutrition 911

Hi! My name is Grace Abigail Dafter and I am 3 years old. My Dad has an Internet business and now I do, too! You can see me in my office, playing with my toys and my best friend Angel. I also work out like my Dad does and you, […]

Kids – Get Fit With Grace

I wanted to end the week with some good ideas for books on nutrition.  If you’re like me, I get an email from Borders each week with a coupon for a discount on one thing or another.  You can probably also finds these books in the library.  As the article […]

7 Great Books On Nutrition

One James A. Garfield (no, not the President who was assassinated since he died in 1881, but I don’t know which one) said, “Man cannot live by bread alone, he needs peanut butter”. Knowing what I do about peanut butter, it probably couldn’t have been eaten by President Garfield (unless […]

10 Foods You Should Eat

You know those bumper stickers that say, “My money and my kid go to __________”. Well my money and my money goes to Whole Foods and I spend roughly 25% of my income there to feed a family of five. No, not because Whole Foods is affectionately known as “Whole […]

Cost Effective Organic Eating

Teaching a child the importance of good nutrition is giving them a good start in life.  My three year old does not eat well and when she doesn’t eat and doesn’t drink, she isn’t merry.  Instead, she is lethargic and moody.  Perhaps when we as adults have those same feelings, […]

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

In remembrance of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day, there was no class today. An extraordinarily gifted man, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. became at 35, the youngest person to have won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was awarded five honorary degrees, was named Man of the Year by […]

Week Four Articles

A doctor telling him that, “in order to save your own life, it is vital that you get healthy” was David’s motivation, at 19 and weighing 360 pounds, to start losing weight. At that weight, he was convinced that he’d never lose the weight, but he never let the challenges […]

He Saved His Own Life