Monthly Archives: February 2008

Hope, optimism and health. Turn it into an acronym, repeat three times fast and you have “Hoh, hoh, hoh”. I love finding out the origins of famous phrases…! We’ve been getting some good news lately – wow, we can shoot at and hit a satellite traveling at 17,000 miles an […]

Hope, Optimism and Health

The power of hope and optimism, or the lack thereof, has a powerful impact on our health. News stories can make or break our days. Seeing hope in a time of crisis can turn around our life outlook. Being optimistic will carry us through even the toughest situations. This week’s […]

Week Nine Articles

At other times in my life, the reason that I haven’t blogged since Wednesday would be attributed to poor health. It is not the case this time. In fact, I have been quite busy and have accomplished a lot in terms of my mission to spread the gospel of fitness. […]

Hope for the Physically Insane

I have a stress problem. I guess that I have been in denial for a long time, because now that I have given up stress cold turkey, I realize how good I can feel and how badly I felt. Whether you have a stress problem or not, this week’s articles […]

Week Eight Articles

I am finally vindicating, 31 years later, the college guidance counselor who determined that my best career paths would be as a brick layer or a minister. I certainly would like to think that my advice and guidance is helping to give people a strong foundation to build their fitness […]

Practicing What I Preach

The Past My identity is wrapped up in being a runner. After almost 42 years of running, it is part of my fiber. But instead of being my best friend like it used to be, because of a moment in time in May 1983, I realize now, that it was […]

Working Out Just Got Fun Again

Ok, so I had the newsletter done and got it out early this morning, but when I was running a while later, I realized that I hadn’t posted the articles. I always wear a Camelbak with my cell phone in case there is a kid emergency, my keys and a […]

Week Seven Articles

Had I written this blog last week, it would have been titled, “Negative Thinking, Negative Habits, Negative Change” because a stomach virus started wreaking havoc within my body early last Monday morning and was quite successful in preventing me from having those positive thoughts that keep me going every day […]

Tired of Being Sick and Tired?