Monthly Archives: February 2008

Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Had I written this blog last week, it would have been titled, “Negative Thinking, Negative Habits, Negative Change” because a stomach virus started wreaking havoc within my body early last Monday morning and was quite successful in preventing me from having those positive thoughts that keep me going every day and making me far less […]

Are You Ready For Team Beachbody? 2

Team Beachbody is not a quick weight loss program. Team Beachbody does not sell weight loss drugs or gimmicky, useless fitness equipment. It is not promoting quick fixes for anything. Team Beachbody is hundreds of thousands of people just like you and me working together in a national fitness community to each achieve our goals […]

A Win Win Idea for Personal Trainers and You – from Carl Daikeler 2

I just got off a radio interview with one of our newest coaches, Neil Anderson, a trainer and radio host of The Health and Fitness Zone in Salt Lake City. During the conversation, we came up with the concept of how trainers can actually expand their business and better serve their clients by becoming MDB […]

Positive Thinking, Positive Habits and Positive Change

Seeing the Giants, a wild card team, win the Super Bowl is a perfect example of the power of positive thinking as they denied the New England Patriots the chance to complete a perfect season. As Eli Manning said, “There’s something about this team. The way we win games, and performed in the playoffs in […]

The Day After The Super Bowl

Carl Daikeler has an interesting theory, presented here, that people are now waiting until after the Super Bowl to start their resolutions, given the drop in people actually starting their resolutions on New Year’s Day. Let’s see what the CEO has to say: Running a weight loss and fitness company for almost ten years now, […]

February 4th – Carl Daikeler Invites You to National “Before Day”

It is named as such because, this year, that Monday is about starting your weight loss cycle the right way – with the kind of accountability that we know leads to real success. The “Before photo” gives you instant accountability. (If you want to drive to a new destination, the directions you get depend on […]

Week Six Articles

Ironically the theme this week is positive thinking and given the Giants shocking upset victory over the New England Patriots, it is a well timed subject. As Eli Manning said, “There’s something about this team. The way we win games, and performed in the playoffs in the stretch. We had total confidence in ourselves. The […]

What Do Working Out, WOWY, Working and Watching CNN Have In Common?

I wrote in another blog about how I am a “late adapter”, meaning that all of those things that to younger generations are second nature – texting, getting email on their phones, etc. – are more challenging and frankly not worth figuring out. My fingers are way too big to text and they are way […]