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Two stories on World News Tonight Saturday evening grabbed my attention. One was about the collapsed economy in Zimbabwe under the Presidency, since 1980, of Robert Mugabe. The other story was about how much money drug companies spend on marketing and how much of that money is directed to doctors. […]

Is Drug Company Marketing Money Well Spent?

I am a full time Beachbody Coach and I love what I do. I live and breath health and fitness and I am a role model to everyone around me. I’m 57, don’t take any prescription medications, no Aleve or other anti inflammatories,, don’t have aches and pains, etc. etc. […]

Dollars and Sense of Being a Fitness Coach

Walmart and Whole Foods are battling it out for supremacy in the organic food business, Walmart having the advantage in name recognition, size and infrastructure and Whole Foods having the advantage of having a better name and being the world’s leading retailer of organic products. In corporate news, Walmart has […]

Battle of the Organic Giants

On Friday, March 7th, more than 300 Beachbody Coaches descended upon Anaheim, CA, for the first annual Coach Summit. Celebrity fitness trainers energized the crowd, Top Coaches shared the spotlight, the MDB executive team shared plans and business strategies, a new contest was announced, and most excitingly, the $250,000 winners […]

Beachbody Coach’s Summit 2008

I am thrilled to let all of you know that in the Entrepreneur Magazine Hot 500 Companies list for 2007, BeachBody (Product Partners) comes in at # 69! You can read the details here – – but the bottom line is that Carl Daikeler and Jon Cogdon took $500,000.00 […]

Entrepreneur Magazine Hot 500 Fastest Growing Companies

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I hope that it is a happy day for all of you. This week’s articles continue the theme of the “lecture”, What’s This World Coming To? and challenge all of us to work together to make this world a better place. Time Management Tips […]

Week Twelve Articles

The older I get, the more that things bother me and the more opinionated I am about the things that bother me. Since Friday, when I found out that one of the biggest youth running clubs in Albuquerque had “downsized”, it has bothered me (and will continue to bother me). […]

What’s This World Coming To?

Please don’t think that this is some cheap take off on the movie, the Passion of the Christ, one of the most powerful movies that I have ever seen. It is actually the only way that I could think of to describe to you why I have been so remiss […]

Passion of the Coach