Monthly Archives: October 2008

How You Can Help Reform Health Care

Yes, how you can help reform health care.  If you have ever read my “About” story from my website, you know that after 22 years, I recovered from a chronic illness by “reforming” my health care.  Before you have your own health care crisis or your health deteriorates and impacts your quality of life, please […]

Footsteps of Hope

As part of their marketing campaign, the American Diabetes Association uses a paper representation of the top of a shoe for their Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes campaign that is going on now. These are footsteps of hope for the roughly 24 million people with diabetes and the 57 million people who are pre-diabetic. […]

What’s In Your Plan?

In the days of innocence which now seem to be lost, a catchy advertising slogan was, “What’s in your wallet?” for CapitalOne credit cards.  Now the catchphrase of the day seems to be, “What’s in the plan?” meaning the financial bailout plan or financial rescue plan as the name was changed to or the presidential […]

Taking Charge of Your Health and Well Being

As we have seen in the last few days and weeks, months and years, much in our lives is out of our control now.  But we, and we alone, can be in charge of our health and wellbeing. With regular exercise, good nutrition and positive lifestyle habits, we can greatly improve our quality of life […]