Monthly Archives: November 2008

Motivate the Team Beachbody Coach Contest

Most of you have figured out by now that I work out virtually every day thanks to the fact the I have successfully recovered from a chronic illness that took away my confidence in my health.  The new found confidence that I have in my health came as a direct result of having a full […]

No sweat: Obamas work fitness into daily routine

CHICAGO -Many women recoil at the thought of baring their arms in sleeveless dresses or blouses, but not Michelle Obama — half of the fabulously fit new first couple. Both President-elect Barack Obama and the future first lady have exercise routines that would put most people to shame. Michelle Obama used to join a friend […]

Are Beachbody Workouts Real Workouts?

If you ask a college student in Georgia, this is what he would say: “I just started p90x this morning, and after the first workout I have came to the realization that I had never truely worked out in my life. So right about now your thinking, “well you probably never have”. The truth is […]

The Bonding Benefits of a 30-Day Plan

I saw this awesome article from Chalene Johnson and just had to post it because it is so absolutely true! An interview with Chalene Johnson Everyone gets something beneficial from exercise: more energy, strength, great abs. What many people don’t realize, however, is that exercise can also be a powerful bonding experience. “When emotions get […]