Monthly Archives: January 2009

Senate stimulus bill would fund stop-smoking programs

An Open Letter to My Team of Coaches: The subject line of this blog, which comes from a CNN headline, is representative of the type of email that you get from a friend who wants to prove to you how our politicians are wasting money.  “Scandalous.  How could they waste our money like that”.  Then […]

Why do you sometimes gain weight when starting an exercise program?

Many of you know Chalene Johnson from Turbo Jam and now her new workout DVD, ChaLEAN Extreme. She has a blog that I enjoy because she is the consumate fitness professional and a great motivator.  In a recent blog, she explains that, “This common increase in the scale is also the reason why perhaps millions […]

How Do Team Beachbody Coaches Build Their Businesses?

I got an email this morning with that question in the subject line. Many more of you probably have the same question, so here is my email response: Mike, for each person the journey is different.  For me, it is just being passionate about helping other people become fit, healthy and to improve their quality […]

The Formula for Failure and Success

Hi Team,      Some people don’t want to become Team Beachbody coaches because they think that it is too much work.  I personally believe that what we do is an extraordinary opportunity and that the work that we put in is for a greater good that will impact literally everyone around us.  Dr. Norman Vincent […]

A Cooperative Species

Every once in awhile I like to share with you one of the newsletters that I send to my team of coaches because it contains a universal truth. Today’s is just such an example:      I was running last night before doing ChaLEAN Extreme and I was thinking about what drives me and what there was […]

Obesity Wars

We at Beachbody® are at war against the most formidable opponent the United States has ever faced: obesity. It’s killing more people a month than our two other more high-profile combatants—terror and drugs—have killed this decade. Obesity is the Darth Vader of all the dangers we’ll face in our lifetimes. Smoking once ruled our universe, […]