Monthly Archives: February 2009

Rallying Against An Enemy 1

Obesity is not a hidden enemy.  Sadly, however, most people don’t realize that it is our enemy.  It is everyone’s enemy because it threatens our global society.  I am thrilled to know that our team of Beachbody coaches is mobilizing against this enemy and that our teammates are providing ideas, resources and plans of attack. […]

Overheard in the Team Howtobefit Locker Room

We are a team and I am the athlete/head coach.  I am going to continue promoting Team Howtobefit until we are the best team that we can be and then maintain that standard of excellence that we have achieved.  Together we have the opportunity to create a "dynasty" as they say in sports and that […]

Will the Obese Inherit the Earth? 1

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and that you are ready for the challenges and rewards of the week ahead.  For me, there were, as always, wonderful aspects of the weekend, but this particular one leaves me haunted by what we saw at the circus on Saturday.  No, one of the aerialists didn’t […]