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3 Rules of Intensity When Working Out

You’re tougher than you think. The fear of pain or injury from working out is a mindset steeped in failure. You must learn to “find the line.” Do the extra rep or two, increase your range of motion, and increase resistance as you get stronger. Intensity goes hand in hand with variety and consistency. All […]

9 Low-Stress, Fun Summer Activities

By Denis Faye – from the Team Beachbody Newsletter Every January, thousands of ambitious souls take a major step on the road to fitness and order an in-home fitness program like ChaLEAN Extreme® or P90X®. And every June, thousands of newly ripped, super-fit, would-be athletes buy themselves fancy new surfboards or top-of-the-line pro volleyballs and […]

Seize the Opportunity to be a Coach

Two of the biggest reasons Coaches LOVE being Coaches is because this business affords them the opportunity to obtain more time and more money. Seize the opportunity by making the most of your Business Services Fee, which helps you easily manage your customers and coaching team through your online office and provides motivation and education […]

What are Team Beachbody Coaches?

Team Beachbody Coaches help the members of Team Beachbody take control of their health and fitness and achieve amazing body transformations. By providing direction, support, and accountability, your Coach will help you get results and stay consistent with your workout program. Team Beachbody Coaches are Beachbody product experts. Whether you’re a fitness beginner or a […]

There’s more to fab abs than just exercise

From Val Willingham – CNN Medical Producer Nutritionists say a set of awesome abs takes more than just doing sit-ups. “New research shows that what you are eating may be just as important as your workout,” says Katherine Tallmadge, author of “Diet Simple” and a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. So how can you […]