Monthly Archives: January 2010

Who Will Work for “Health Equality” and Be the Present Day MLK?

In an inspiring segment on, it says, “Martin Luther King Jr., was a father, a husband, a reverend, a civil rights leader, and a resilient man with a clear vision to end segregation in America during the 1950s.  On Monday, January 18, we honor a revolutionary man who courageously worked to achieve his dream […]

Watching and praying with the rest of the world

I’ve learned from other natural disasters while I’ve been running an online business, that the world watches and that e-commerce should respect the victims and their families by doing the same.  September 11th, the 2004 day after Christmas tsunami, Katrina and now the disaster in Haiti means stopping to help by promoting giving to those […]

Prayers for the People of Haiti

All thoughts and prayers should be focused toward the island of Hispaniola where the tragedy of the earthquake near Port-au-Prince is unfolding.  It is a major catastrophe and the Haitian people need all of our prayers today and in the coming days and weeks and months as they try to recover from the devastation.

Why Do People Give Up So Easily?

This isn’t going to be one of those, “In my day” rants, but honestly, years ago, people prided themselves in never giving up and never quitting.  I don’t live in some parallel universe and come up with these commentaries.  I see people give up, I hear about people giving up and I know that “I […]