Monthly Archives: February 2010

Team Beachbody #6 on Top Network Marketing Companies List!

Wow, according to Matt Morris, author of “The Unemployed Millionaire” in his list of the top of the Top 80 Network Marketing Companies:  February 2010, Team Beachbody comes in at #6!  You can check out the list, which we just qualified for (you have to be in network marketing for 3 years) and you can […]

What’s Your Performance Formula? 1

No, I’m not going to give away my training secrets, but I am going to tell you about a product that I use every day to  help me train more effectively and recover from my workouts faster, allowing me to train 7 days a week.  Team Beachbody Performance Formula is a natural formulation that includes […]

“I got P90X without the guides. Now what do I do?”

This is an oft repeated question and here is the perfect answer: “You can’t get the guides separately because there is a bootleg operation in China that is selling the DVD’s only. People are saving $40.00 on eBay but getting ripped off and supporting the Chinese economy. To get the routines, all you need to […]

“I lost 100 pounds and it didn’t cost me a dime!”

Would you like to be able to say that?  You can. “How?” No gimmicks, no pills, no gym membership, no surgery – just an effective exercise program and good nutrition. “Okay, this is stupid already.  I have to buy a workout program and they cost money.” That’s true, but when you become an ambassador for […]

What Puts the WOW in WOWY?

YOU – sharing your love of fitness.  WOWY is social networking for fitness and you have not only a virtual gym to work out in every day from the comfort of your own home, but you can also share your passion for health and fitness with 1,524,724 active other members. What is WOWY? WOWY stands […]

Your Belly Fat Has a Mind of its Own

The original titles of this post was, “Hormonal Changes and Visceral Fat”, but who would have read it.  Nobody is interested in what doctors and researchers have to say.  That’s why so many people choose to live lives devoid of physical activity and chow down on the worst foods imaginable. But what if you thought […]