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Okay, I was a little afraid to take my measurements this morning. I wasn’t on my best behavior with eating last week and over the weekend with Christmas.  I made cookies, and of course you can’t make them without having one, two or a few. Then I made ravioli, had […]

More Brazil Butt Lift Results!!!

I know it sounds awful for me to say this, but all I really want is a big, fat, juicy cheeseburger right now.  My favorite place to get one is PJ Whelihan’s Pub.  The Black Jack Burger! So why am I craving something that’s really not that good for you?  I’ve […]

I want a big, juicy cheeseburger!

Well, its that time of year when all sorts of sickness strikes.  Cold, flu, stomach bug, you name it. Right now, I’m starting to recover from my least favorite, the stomach bug. Its no fun for anyone when mom gets sick, so I have my own way of shortening the […]

When sickness strikes

I remember John Candy from movies like “Stripes“, “Cool Runnings” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” (where he played Del, the shower curtain ring salesman) and how he made so many people laugh.  That was his gift to everyone around him.  He stopped giving that gift when he died from a […]

Does Anyone Remember John Candy?

We invest in some way in virtually everything that we do in life.  Whether it is time, energy or emotions, in relationships, children or work, we are in some way investing. How we measure our return on investment (ROI) may determine how much we invest and for how long.  We […]

How Do You Measure Return on Investment?