Monthly Archives: March 2011

P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms – No Sweat

Compared to yesterday’s Plyometrics X workout, today was no sweat – or at least I wasn’t sweating like I was yesterday.  I woke up with sore legs and knowing that my body had moved in ways that it wasn’t used to after yesterday’s workout. After listening to Tony Horton’s comments before the workout began, I […]

Featured Team Beachbody Coach Elisabeth Halligan

Elisabeth Halligan is the ultimate excuse buster for not having enough time to have your own Team Beachbody business.  In her own words: “Hi! I’m Elisabeth.  I’m a mom to 7 awesome kids and work full-time as an ER and Labor and Delivery nurse in a small rural hospital. I know exactly how hard it […]

5 Reasons to Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Wondering what the big deal about a good night’s sleep is? You can sleep your way to better health and a better you. When your mother told you to get your beauty sleep, she may have been on to something. From babies to adults, studies show that the amount of sleep a person gets can […]

The Sleep Solution: 4 Ways to Get the Rest You Need to Boost Results!

Did you wake up rested and refreshed this morning? If not, here are 4 sleep solutions to make tonight a better sleep night. Sometimes, people get so caught up in hammering workouts and cutting calories that they forget that half of getting great results is recovery. And one of the greatest tools in the recovery […]

Self Concept and Self Sabotage

The Hidden Reason Why You Sabotage Your Diet and Fitness Efforts Just When the Going Gets Good (and What to Do About It) Tell me if this has ever happened to you: You decide you want to improve your body and live a healthier lifestyle. You read all the books, gather all the information, map […]

Make Your Goals Magnificent

The most common hindrance to setting and achieving meaningful goals is our tendency to make them too small and uninspiring. If we become too careful, realistic and rational, we run the risk of setting goals that have no power to stimulate our enthusiasm and excitement. A mediocre goal will not make you excited about getting […]