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Fitness and nutrition have a huge impact on how old you look and feel. I truly believe that age is just a number, and you can become fit and healthy at any age. I just celebrated another birthday yesterday, and I am now the young age of….41!  I feel better than I […]

Feeling Fit at 40 and Beyond!

There’s that word mission again.  I recently used it in another blog post and stated how I can’t say, “mission accomplished”.  This time, though, it is so appropriate because the Team Beachbody community is on a mission to end the trend of obesity and the epidemic of diabetes. When there […]

Families on a Mission

Can I Make Money
Can I Make Money With BeachBody? You may have been involved with other direct sales businesses in the past and not made any money.  It is completely understandable that you want to know if you will actually make money with BeachBody before you join. The true answer to “Can I […]

Can I Make Money With BeachBody?

Team Beachbody Coach Diandra (Dee) Hyman has been a model of consistency and excellence as a coach from day one. She has used her knowledge, experience and athletic ability to be a leader in every category that makes Team Beachbody coaches great.  An engineer by profession, but a genuine mentor […]

Featured Coach – Diandra Hyman

Team Beachbody Coach Michael Wade is a great role model not only as a coach, but also as a wonderful husband and father and someone who is a Christian leader in his family. His kids teased him about his “Daddy weight” so in January 2010, he started P90X. Following that […]

Featured Coach – Michael Wade

I am about to go on a rampage of outrage because of the state of this country right now and we are all in some way responsible. If you don’t think that the fate of this country is in our hands, then think again. Here are some statistics that speak […]

Do You Share the Outrage?