Monthly Archives: October 2011

Team Freedom Beachbody Challenge 1

Team Freedom offers hope when losing weight seems hopeless. We offer fitness solutions when all others have failed. We provide accountability to the when your will is weak and support to those who need shoulder to lean on. We raise people up who have been let down so many times before. We have the desire, […]

Form, Form, FORM is Everything

I was thinking when I was running this morning that form is everything when you want to be efficient, conserve energy and lessen your chance of injury.  I’ve heard that poor swimmers, for example burn way more calories than good swimmers.  Makes sense, right?  Running with good form means that you will finish strong in […]

Motivated Monday After a Super Sunday

Team Beachbody is filled with highly motivated, truly extraordinary people. I got to meet some more of them at a Super Sunday event here in New Mexico. One of the greatest rewards of being a coach has been to meet and become lifelong friends with so many of these coaches. Yesterday was also a learning […]

No Excuses

I’ve been in the fitness business since 2003. I’ve pretty much heard almost every excuse out there. I’m sure I’ve used a few myself. People tend to make every excuse they can when it comes to exercises & eating right. So many people come to me & say they want to change, they want to […]

Team Beachbody National Super Saturday and Sunday Events

This Saturday and Sunday, Team Beachbody® will take a stand for humanity—and come together with a common mission: to End the Trend® of obesity and help more people than ever lead healthy, fulfilling lives. If you heard Carl on this week’s National Coach Call, you have an idea of what’s about to take place. You […]

Telling it like it is

I’ve been on a roll and posting some things on Facebook that weren’t exactly politically correct.  Here are just a few: Scott posted about food regulation and I personally think that people are just plain stupid to eat the way that they do. “I don’t eat any junk food, fast food or drink any sweetened […]

Which Antidepressant is Right For You?

Which antidepressant is right for you – pills or a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise? More than one in 10 Americans over the age of 12 takes an antidepressant, a class of drugs that has become wildly popular in the past several decades, U.S. government researchers said today. Antidepressants were the third-most common drug […]

What Fitness Program is Right For You and Your Goals?

When choosing a workout program to fit into your lifestyle, there are many considerations including weight loss and fitness goals, your interests(dance, kickbox, martial arts, sports), level of difficulty, and time. Not everyone will enjoy or benefit from the same program.  However, every effective workout program must contain three components: cardio, strength training, and flexibility […]