Monthly Archives: December 2011

Are You Ready to Get Inspired and Reach Success?

Inspiration can come from many places, but your belief in yourself will control your actions. Success stories always start with an inner desire for making something happen. There is a reason, a “why?”,  that sparks our motivation, commitment and determination to reach a goal. No one else can decide we are ready and make us […]

Make Your Own Water!

When I moved to rural Alaska this past summer I had to make some changes in the way that I eat. There are no restaurants, no take-out pizza, and no store-bought meals. Every meal takes planning. From baking bread, to soaking beans the night before dinner, to defrosting moose meat from the freezer.  I try […]

Healthy Eating Out Strategies for Success

Whether you are attending a party, family gathering, or a night out on the town, you can still indulge in lots of fun and feel great without overeating or unhealthy choices with these eating out strategies. Healthy eating is crucial in living a peaceful and balanced life. It is a lifelong commitment that requires discipline […]

Why Beachbody?

I have been involved in some sort of fitness regimen most of my life. From playing youth sports as a child, to weight lifting in my teens and early twenties, to mountain biking. In recent years I dipped into the “in-home fitness” spectrum of exercising. It started when my wife would buy DVDs by GAIAM […]


To change your metabolism and therefore change your set-point (the body’s preprogrammed weight) you need to spend  more time exercising, which will increase that crucial calorie-burning muscle. When enough muscle has been built, you will burn so many more calories in a day that your body will have to lower its set-point. Exercising will also […]

Commit to Your Health Through the Holidays and Your Life

Holiday time often brings circumstances that could sabotage our nutrition and fitness programs. Family and friend gatherings, special events, vacations, more stress, and busier than normal schedules all can lead to a lack of motivation to exercise and temptations to indulge in unhealthy eating. Challenges arrive throughout life, but there is no good reason to […]