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Five years ago, I began a journey with no destination. It was an adventure of sorts that became a business venture.  Yet at no time in the last five years did I feel like I was “working” and, in fact, I derived a lot of happiness and success from what […]

Are You Passionate?

You have to eat often to lose and maintain your weight!  It sounds crazy, but it’s true… Feed your body at regular 3 hour intervals with high-quality foods containing proper portion sizes and you will lose and maintain your weight, have more energy and look and feel your best. The […]

How and What to Eat to Lose and Maintain Weight

I have heard a lot of people say that they use chocolate milk as a recovery drink for their P90X , Insanity, or other Beachbody workout. Chocolate milk is not necessarily a terrible thing to use after a workout, but is it the best thing to put in your body […]

Chocolate Milk as a Recovery Drink?

We challenge you to change with our Challenge to Change 2012.  Will you choose what you want or accept table scraps.   Click here to accept our challenge. The following is from Goals…The 10 Rules for Achieving Success by Gary Ryan Blair Success is the intentional, premeditated use of choice and […]

Are You Going to Accept Table Scraps by Default?

I am an avid reader of Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits blog and he just featured a guest post from Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete that I just have to share it in its entirety because it is so good… Each and every one of us, as a human being, […]

5 Excuses that Keep You Unhealthy

Many people ask me about the effects of Shakeology, and I’m happy to share, but until you actually experience the benefits of this superfood it’s hard to believe how amazing it can make you look and feel!  It is not a “regular protein shake”, rather exceptional nutrition containing 70 whole […]

What Can Shakeology Do For You?