Monthly Archives: April 2012

Reset Your Body?

When Beachbody product development puts their mind to something, they do it as well as it can be done. With the release of Ultimate Reset two weeks ago today, they have done just that and I am testing it right now! Why reset your body? Let’s see what Beachbody has […]

Turn Up the Burn with TurboFire!!

If you’re looking for an effective, powerful and fun home fitness program that will fire your metabolism, burn mega fat, strengthen and tone every muscle and challenge your body into fabulous shape, TurboFire will deliver!!  TurboFire includes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as one of the most energetic, entertaining, and […]

Do People Really Get Results from Beachbody Workout DVD’s?

Sean sure did with P90X… Heather sure did with Insanity… These people sure did by entering The Beachbody Challenge… Do people really get results from using Beachbody workout DVD’s? A video is worth a 1,000 words. You be the judge…