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Giving You Hope – from Team Beachbody Success Stories After struggling with her weight her entire life and auditioning for The Biggest Loser and not making the cut, Jessica took her health and fitness into her own hands and lost well over 100 lbs on her own with Chalene Johnson’s […]

The Fast Track to Losing BIG with Chalene Johnson

Meet Lana D.! She participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for December 19th! As a nurse, I’m really good at taking care of other people. But I’m not so good a taking care of myself. I think it started back in nursing school when all […]

Now I hold up my size 4 pants and say: ...

From Team Beachbody Success Stories Rebecca just reached a massive milestone in her weight loss journey.  With the help of TurboFire, Les Mills Pump and Shakeology she has lost 150 lbs in a little over a year!  Join us in celebrating her massive accomplishment! My weight loss success continues on […]

Celebrating a Milestone

25 Ways to Relax & Rejuvenate over the Holidays – from Team Beachbody Holiday shopping. Meddling relatives. Taxing travel. The season to be merry can easily turn into the season of stress! But all the holiday hustle doesn’t have to bring on anxiety or keep you from reaching your goals! […]

Seasonal Stress Relief

Do you find that the scale moves up a few pounds during this time of the year? During summertime, we’re focused on our bodies, given we know we’ll be wearing the revealing clothing that goes with that season, but when fall and winter come around, that mindset falls away like […]

10 Ways to Ward off Excess Holiday Pounds