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She’s Half the Woman She Used to Be…

From The Beachbody Challenge Success Stories The “old me” weighed 284 pounds, was always tired, really depressed, and thought it was my destiny to be fat, teased, and discriminated against for the rest of my life. For a long time I just accepted who I was and didn’t think I had the ability to change. […]

Smokin’ Hot for Summer with Turbo Fire

Posted in  Beachbody Success Stories – July 31, 2013 Jessica  was one of our winners from this summer’s Smokin’ Hot in 90 Days Turbo Fire challenge.  Jessica committed to get fit along with hundreds of other Turbo Fire fanatics and shed an amazing 21 lbs and 29 inches in 90 days!  Congratulations to Jessica and […]

Having the Discipline to Get Into Shape

From The Beachbody Challenge Success Stories How Susan Used Slim In Six to Get Started and Lost 63.4 Pounds “I’ve always struggled with my weight. Not that I didn’t try—I’ve managed to lose some, but never without gaining it (plus some) back again. In the military, I was never within weight guidelines (even after extreme […]