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Can You Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick?

By Kara Wahlgren – from the Team Beachbody Newsletter Want to lose weight? Get a promotion? Take over the world? Here’s how to make sure your New Year’s resolution becomes a reality. First, the bad news: The odds are stacked against you. A few years ago, psychologist Richard Wiseman conducted a study of 3,000 people […]

Insanity is the Best Part of My Day!

Not many people would admit that unless they meant the same Insanity that Kristen did.  What an amazing physical and emotional transformation and she is $500 richer, too!  Here is her story in her own words… “From the 6th grade on, I have NEVER weighed less than 200 lbs. Then, I got pregnant and gained […]

Do You Really Need A Rest Day?

You want it all, so you work out intensely day after day after day.  What does Tony Horton or Shaun T or Chalene know.  You don’t need no stinking day off.  But then, oops, you are a little tired and don’t feel like working out.  You can’t get enough to eat during the day.  You […]

Is Cardio or Weight Lifting Better For Losing Weight?

Ask the Expert: Steve Edwards – From the Team Beachbody Newsletter If you’re looking to lose weight, you might be wondering: Should I focus on doing cardio or should I weight train? The answer, for those of you not interested in hanging around for the “why” part of the answer, is both. What matters most […]