Monthly Archives: January 2014

What’s Your Favorite Beachbody Program?

Here are the top Beachbody programs that I’ve done in numerical order.  I’ve provided my review and feedback on each one and a link so that you can learn more.  Or you can just email me at 1.  Insanity review –  It pushed me to levels I didn’t know existed in me and gave […]

30 X 3 Challenge – Are You Up For It?

I’m challenging you to give yourself 30 days to develop a positive habit and to see what type of life change you can achieve in 30 days.  Among the benefits, you will: Lose weight Get in shape Feel great Wear clothes that fit better Have more energy Have better self esteem Are you willing to […]

Why Shorter Workouts Work!

Tony Horton and Shaun T help us break down all the benefits of shorter workouts in this article from the January Team Beachbody Coach Newsletter. Want to get ripped and do a workout that you are much less likely to quit? Spend less time working out. Yes, you heard that right! Fitness legends Tony Horton […]