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9 Yoga Stretches to Increase Flexibility – From Ted McDonald

  “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.” You’ve heard that one before. You might have even said it yourself. Well, I’m here to tell you that your inflexibility actually makes it easier to feel the stretch – which is what we are going for in yoga class! Think about this for a moment: You’re […]

7 1/2 Years

Almost 7 1/2 years ago, I started drinking Shakeology. Last week, I went for a wellness check requested by my Medicare provider (I’m 65). At the appointment, the woman said that she is used to seeing very sick people and as part of the appointment, I was even given power of attorney papers that I […]

THE 20s Trainer Spotlight: Meet Sabrina!

THE 20s has kicked off and we’ll be spotlighting one trainer a week here on the Blog. They’ll also be taking over the Beachbody Facebook and Instagram channels, so make sure to tune into both! Meet Sabrina – the 5’5 3/4” 27-year-old trainer from Lincolntown, Georgia. For THE 20s, this former member of the Marine […]

How Exercise Can Help You Sleep Better

According to the National Sleep Foundation, among adults in the United States, up to 40 percent of the population has problems falling asleep or feeling sleepy during daytime hours. A brand-new study published in Respiratory Medicine found that consistent exercise in subjects who suffer from sleep apnea significantly improves sleep outcomes. According to the American […]

The 22 Minute Hard Corp and Shakeology Challenge Pack

Can you really get a good workout in just 22 minutes?  Yes and I should know because I have 22 Minute Hard Corps and I know that you will love the workouts and the program as much as I do.  What you will love even more is saving a lot of money with the Challenge […]

Jaimie Lost 62 Pounds With Insanity!

After her third pregnancy, Jaimie felt the heaviest she’s ever been. She wanted to be a healthier version of herself for her sons and her husband. She decided to try INSANITY and saw immediate success! After just two rounds, she lost 62 pounds! Read about her success in her own words below. “I wanted to […]

What Happens to Your Body When You Overeat?

Eating more than your body needs over and over again is the best strategy for weight gain. Rocket science? Of course not. Most Americans have figured out how to tip the scales with70 percent now falling into the overweight or obese categories. But what happens inside your body when you overeat? Let’s suppose it’s FriYAY. […]

Why ‘Clean Eating’ Isn’t The Same as Educated Eating

  Instagram users upload 80 million photos on a given day. Granted, many of them are blurry selfies, memes, baby pics, and landscape shots, 99 percent of which have been mutilated by a gross misunderstanding of filter etiquette. But a bundle of those 80M is also of food: colorful salads that overflow the plate, mason […]