Yes, I mean every body tells a story. When someone sees you, does your face tell them that you are happy or sad, relaxed or stressed, healthy or unhealthy? Are your shoulders back, chest out and your back straight or is your back bent over and shoulders hunched because they […]

Every Body Tells a Story

Yesterday, we celebrated the birth of our country with everything from solemn to joyous to boisterous celebrations. Not lost to those of us who are devotees of Tony Horton and know what a great impact he has made in so many of our lives with his effective workout programs is […]

Happy Birhtday Tony Horton, Too!

Team Beachbody is the online fitness and weight loss club where you get results. It is a proven combination of cutting-edge fitness programs, simple-to-follow diet guidelines, effective supplements, and the most compelling peer support system ever created. Why not sign up today and get the support and incentives you need […]

What is the Team Beachbody Community?

First of all, if you are trying to get a flat stomach, I commend you because many, many people these days are trying to lose weight and certainly are not at the point where they can think about having a flat stomach. I have six good articles on my website […]

Is There A Secret to Having a Flat Stomach?