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Why Team Beachbody Isn’t A Pyramid Scheme

I received a brilliant email yesterday from my top coach in Colorado, Mike Bent, and I absolutely have to share it with every one who thinks that Team Beachbody is a pyramid scheme: “My fiance and I were having a discussion the other day over a remark that one of her friends made.  That remark […]

Passion, Persistence and Patience

Throughout my life, I have been passionate.  When I started running in high school, it became my passion because I simply loved running and soon realized that I excelled at it.  I learned persistence as my  life’s journey guided me to some significant challenges to face and overcome, but through all of them, I ran. […]

How to lose 190 pounds the right way

Here’s a great story by Ron Mizutani from KHON2 Morning News in Hawaii about a resident’s remarkable weight loss using Beachbody products. I hope that this will motivate you to lose weight the right way and not the easy way (pills, surgery, etc.) and be rewarded the way that Dallas Carter was for his determination […]

Every Body Tells a Story

Yes, I mean every body tells a story. When someone sees you, does your face tell them that you are happy or sad, relaxed or stressed, healthy or unhealthy? Are your shoulders back, chest out and your back straight or is your back bent over and shoulders hunched because they are bearing the weight of […]

Leading the Battle in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity

As Team Beachbody Coaches, we are all actively involved in helping adults and children with weight and obesity issues and guiding and motivating people of all ages to be fit and healthy. This weekend, Tony Horton, well known trainer and one of the creators of the now legendary P90X workout program, was in Lincoln, Nebraska […]

Happy Birhtday Tony Horton, Too!

Yesterday, we celebrated the birth of our country with everything from solemn to joyous to boisterous celebrations. Not lost to those of us who are devotees of Tony Horton and know what a great impact he has made in so many of our lives with his effective workout programs is the fact that July 2 […]

Team Beachbody Fact and Fiction

Fact: Beachbody is the 69th fastest growing company in the United States according to an article in Entrepreneur Magazine, March 2008. Fact: Beachbody was started by Carl Daikeler and Jon Cogdon with $500,000 borrowed from family and private investors and is now a $250 million company that spends $90 million on marketing annually. Fiction: Becoming […]