Benefits of Stretching

So many people tend to look at stretching with dread.  But as Tony Horton says in his P90X Yoga X disc, he does the things he can do at his age, not because of pull-ups but because of yoga.  He knows that gaining flexibility is an important key to good health.  My friend Mary Hope from The Yoga Generation was kind enough to write an article for my blog.  In it she explains the joy of stretching and benefits that it can bring to your life.  Yoga is a great way to get your body flexible and to also relax.  But you can also get energy and burn calories while doing yoga.

BeachBody makes an awesome workout called Yoga Booty Ballet.  Yoga Booty Ballet is a whole series of DVDs that are geared to making over your body or just relaxing.  And even P90X includes a powerful yoga workout. 

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