Lectures from the Coach

Do you remember that commercial, “This is your brain” and they showed an egg and then, “This is your brain on drugs” and, if I remember correctly, it was an egg cracked open and hitting a frying pan? Well, I wonder what the portrayal would be of a brain on […]

Your Brain On Optimism

Those words might precede words like, “…garbage pick up will be __________” or “… all winter coats will be ____% off”. But sadly, you hear “starting tomorrow” more often in terms of lifestyle changes. I am going to quit smoking tomorrow, I am going to quit drinking tomorrow, I am […]

Starting Tomorrow

One of my childhood memories is collecting the little paper tags from the Lipton tea bags. They had sayings on them and I kept them in a little clear plastic box. Every time my Mom got a new box of tea bags, I would pull off all of the tags […]

Goal Setting

Two stories on World News Tonight Saturday evening grabbed my attention. One was about the collapsed economy in Zimbabwe under the Presidency, since 1980, of Robert Mugabe. The other story was about how much money drug companies spend on marketing and how much of that money is directed to doctors. […]

Is Drug Company Marketing Money Well Spent?

The older I get, the more that things bother me and the more opinionated I am about the things that bother me. Since Friday, when I found out that one of the biggest youth running clubs in Albuquerque had “downsized”, it has bothered me (and will continue to bother me). […]

What’s This World Coming To?

My primary reason for my presence on the Internet has always been to provide information on fitness, health and nutrition and to provide access to the means to optimize your wellbeing. Over, time, my sites have grown faster than my ability to properly maintain them and now that I have […]

Choosing To Change

In between channels (that would be something on Animal Planet or Disney Channel), I saw part of the story of the evacuation of Dunkirk. In one of Winston Churchill’s speeches, he said, “Never, never, never give up” and when he asked the British people to help evacuate British and French […]

Never, Never, Never Give Up

Hope, optimism and health. Turn it into an acronym, repeat three times fast and you have “Hoh, hoh, hoh”. I love finding out the origins of famous phrases…! We’ve been getting some good news lately – wow, we can shoot at and hit a satellite traveling at 17,000 miles an […]

Hope, Optimism and Health