Molly’s Journal

  I’ve been exercising regularly for years now, that it’s become a habit I don’t think about, I just do it! It’s a non-negotiable part of my day that I schedule 5 days a week.  I often don’t have the time, but I make the time for my health. Combining […]

Ease into Exercise with a Routine

If you’re looking for an effective, powerful and fun home fitness program that will fire your metabolism, burn mega fat, strengthen and tone every muscle and challenge your body into fabulous shape, TurboFire will deliver!!  TurboFire includes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as one of the most energetic, entertaining, and […]

Turn Up the Burn with TurboFire!!

You have to eat often to lose and maintain your weight!  It sounds crazy, but it’s true… Feed your body at regular 3 hour intervals with high-quality foods containing proper portion sizes and you will lose and maintain your weight, have more energy and look and feel your best. The […]

How and What to Eat to Lose and Maintain Weight

Many people ask me about the effects of Shakeology, and I’m happy to share, but until you actually experience the benefits of this superfood it’s hard to believe how amazing it can make you look and feel!  It is not a “regular protein shake”, rather exceptional nutrition containing 70 whole […]

What Can Shakeology Do For You?

I love watching how my children have developed healthy habits in nutrition, fitness and health.  I teach them all about food groups, portion sizes, what and when to eat, reading labels, and so forth.  We encourage physical activity with exercise, sports and dance, and promote good habits for a healthy […]

Kids and Healthy Habits Lead to a Great Life!

The key to maintaining a healthy weight is all about portion control.  It’s not about giving up foods you enjoy, but rather controlling the portions and being mindful of how much you consume.  The healthiest way to eat is combining proper food groups, in appropriate sizes, every 2-3 hours. You […]

Portion Control: Tips and Cues for Mindful Eating

Inspiration can come from many places, but your belief in yourself will control your actions. Success stories always start with an inner desire for making something happen. There is a reason, a “why?”,  that sparks our motivation, commitment and determination to reach a goal. No one else can decide we […]

Are You Ready to Get Inspired and Reach Success?

Whether you are attending a party, family gathering, or a night out on the town, you can still indulge in lots of fun and feel great without overeating or unhealthy choices with these eating out strategies. Healthy eating is crucial in living a peaceful and balanced life. It is a […]

Healthy Eating Out Strategies for Success

Holiday time often brings circumstances that could sabotage our nutrition and fitness programs. Family and friend gatherings, special events, vacations, more stress, and busier than normal schedules all can lead to a lack of motivation to exercise and temptations to indulge in unhealthy eating. Challenges arrive throughout life, but there […]

Commit to Your Health Through the Holidays and Your Life

Vacations are a welcomed time to have fun, relax with family and friends, see fresh sights and try new things, but they are not an excuse to neglect positive choices for your health. You can still enjoy yourself and allow little indulgences without sabotaging your health goals. It takes a […]

Healthy Travels While on Vacation