Faith & Fitness

I read this devotional last night after hearing a message from Steve Berger on courage at Calvary Albuquerque. Is the river of life flowing in you or has it been reduced to a trickle? What is your fervent desire for your life? For it to flow freely in you or […]

Is the River of Life Flowing in You?

Because there is no point in looking back, right? If I did, I would see my SuperGym workout calendar for March (not to mention the first 6 days of April) and see the worst training log that I have ever had.  In fact, over the past three months, it has […]

Looking Up

Saturday evening we heard Franklin Graham speak at our church and then afterwards spoke to one of the counselors at length.  He mentioned to us about keeping our hands on the plow and not looking back (or around for that matter), but instead looking forward in order to be able […]

Keep Your Hands on the Plow

Today marks a landmark in our family when we make the leap of faith from my wife, Christy, teaching and being a Team Beachbody Coach to being a full time stay at home and work at home mom and a full time Team Beachbody coach. Our daughter Grace is starting […]

Leap of Faith For the Love of Our Family