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rise above your limits, rising above your limits
I was rising above my limits for months, but now it has become rising above my challenges and just surviving Ever since I did the Polar Global study this past summer, I started keeping a detailed training log again. That’s how I know that on October 29th, I had a […]

Rising Above My Challenges

After her third pregnancy, Jaimie felt the heaviest she’s ever been. She wanted to be a healthier version of herself for her sons and her husband. She decided to try INSANITY and saw immediate success! After just two rounds, she lost 62 pounds! Read about her success in her own […]

Jaimie Lost 62 Pounds With Insanity!

It was 9 years ago when I became a Team Beachbody Coach and I didn’t, nor did anyone else, know what we were doing. I just saw an opportunity to help a lot of people get healthier and fitter by working out at home. My part was to guide, motivate […]

Let’s Start a Conversation

I read this devotional last night after hearing a message from Steve Berger on courage at Calvary Albuquerque. Is the river of life flowing in you or has it been reduced to a trickle? What is your fervent desire for your life? For it to flow freely in you or […]

Is the River of Life Flowing in You?

According to this article, “Don’t fall off the “fitness cliff”: How to stick to your New Year’s exercise goals” from a study by Gold’s Gym, yesterday was “the turning point when people who committed themselves to gym-going in January slack off and stop showing up regularly. They call it the […]

Did You Fall Off of the “Fitness Cliff”?

No, my year doesn’t start on February 1st.  It has just taken a month to take this year’s bull by the horns and put in place a plan to make this the best year ever.  At the end of last year, I was told that I would be a Polar […]

New Month, New Year, New Me

Yesterday I created a new accountability group entitled, “Fitness Simplified, Nutrition Simplified“. I want to share with you how I stay healthy, fit and how you, too, can do it like I do for about $4.00 a day. Every day, I have the opportunity to do a workout following a […]

Fitness Simplified, Nutrition Simplified

It’s after 10:00 and I am finally able to sit down and eat my steel cuts oats for breakfast.  This must be at least the 1,000th time, since I’ve had them almost every morning since April 25th, 2012.  That is the day that I started The Ultimate Reset and you […]

A Kickstart and a “Fix”