Kid’s Fitness

I love watching how my children have developed healthy habits in nutrition, fitness and health.  I teach them all about food groups, portion sizes, what and when to eat, reading labels, and so forth.  We encourage physical activity with exercise, sports and dance, and promote good habits for a healthy […]

Kids and Healthy Habits Lead to a Great Life!

Teaching my children to make healthy choices including nutritious foods and good exercise habits is a powerful priority for me. Establishing a strong and positive foundation for a healthy lifestyle now in my children will enable them to be successful into adulthood, and lessen their risk for diabetes, heart disease, […]

Healthy Choices for Kids with Nutrition and Fitness

Ever wonder why kids have a never ending source of energy? Watching my kids run around outside enjoying the fresh air and having fun made me think. My children are much happier, more energized, and have better concentration after enjoying physical activity. Everyone can experience these results and feel the […]

Create a Foundation for Fitness…Get Out and Play!

Hi! My name is Grace Abigail Dafter and I am 3 years old. My Dad has an Internet business and now I do, too! You can see me in my office, playing with my toys and my best friend Angel. I also work out like my Dad does and you, […]

Kids – Get Fit With Grace