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  Question: What’s different in the new Greenberry Shakeology formula? Answer: Reduced calories from 140 to 130 per serving Reduced Sugars from 11g to 6g per serving! (5 grams less than before!) Reduced Total Carbs from 19g to 13g per serving Increased Protein from 16g to 17g per serving Fiber […]

New and Improved Greenberry Shakeology

You can save $25.00 when you purchase the Tai Cheng Challenge Pack in May (offer ends May 31st) and you save over $90.00 if you were to buy everything separately.  Whether for yourself, a Mother’s Day gift or even planning ahead and buying it for Father’s Day, Tai Cheng, Shakeology […]

Challenge Pack of the Month – Tai Cheng

Last Reminder:  There are now only 36 hours left to save $90.00 on the Insanity Challenge Pack.  Act now or say bye bye to the $90.00 you wish that you had saved on the Insanity Challenge Pack by purchasing it before 11:59 pm ET tomorrow, April 30th! Want to save […]

Insane Not to Save $90.00!

By Rebecca Swanner – from the Team Beachbody Newsletter Are you ready to get ripped? Beachbody® has joined forces with Sagi Kalev, champion bodybuilder and former Mr. Israel, to create Body Beast™, the program that will help get you big—and we mean really, really big—in just three months. But, believe it […]

Mr. Big Stuff: A Q&A with Body Beast’s Sagi Kalev

When Beachbody product development puts their mind to something, they do it as well as it can be done. With the release of Ultimate Reset two weeks ago today, they have done just that and I am testing it right now! Why reset your body? Let’s see what Beachbody has […]

Reset Your Body?

If you’re looking for an effective, powerful and fun home fitness program that will fire your metabolism, burn mega fat, strengthen and tone every muscle and challenge your body into fabulous shape, TurboFire will deliver!!  TurboFire includes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as one of the most energetic, entertaining, and […]

Turn Up the Burn with TurboFire!!