Ultimate Reset

Even though Christine only lost 10 pounds, she still entered The Beachbody Challenge, took before and after pictures and documented her 21 days of the Ultimate Reset.  Everyone who enters the Challenge is a winner because you are bound to be healthier even if you aren’t richer. Meet Christine W.! […]

Ten Pounds Lighter, $500 Richer!

John Lost 40 lbs with Shakeology and 10 Minute Trainer:  Workout Time 10:00 + Shake Time 2:00 = 12:00! Here ‘s an interview provided by Beachbody explaining how he did it: Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body? […]

Want to Look Great in Twelve Minutes a Day?

The 8-Week Transition Diet – By Steve Edwards If you aren’t ready to commit to the Ultimate Reset vegan diet quite yet, transition diets are one of the easiest ways to become a healthier eater. I’ve been doing them since the ’80s and, in fact, one of the first articles […]

Not Ready for the Ultimate Reset Vegan Diet?

Did you ever do a 360? We all do at times, but I recently did one with the way I eat! I tried the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, which when I first heard about it in January I had no intention of doing. But we all know how weird life is…the […]

Accidentally Vegan!