From The CEO

I got an email this morning with that question in the subject line. Many more of you probably have the same question, so here is my email response: Mike, for each person the journey is different.  For me, it is just being passionate about helping other people become fit, healthy […]

How Do Team Beachbody Coaches Build Their Businesses?

Make money in your spare time promoting the Team Beachbody online fitness club and make $19.44 on each membership! The Team Beachbody Club is the fastest growing, most effective and affordable online fitness club on the Internet. Hundreds of thousands of members are enjoying the support, guidance, motivation and inspiration […]

Want to make some extra money in your spare time?

Carl Daikeler has an interesting theory, presented here, that people are now waiting until after the Super Bowl to start their resolutions, given the drop in people actually starting their resolutions on New Year’s Day. Let’s see what the CEO has to say: Running a weight loss and fitness company […]

The Day After The Super Bowl

I’m Carl Daikeler, CEO of Product Partners, a marketing company which has specialized in developing fitness and weight loss products under the Beachbody brand since 1998.  My CEO motivation was to become a “walking billboard” for the business, and it occurred to us that my CEO-motivation to succeed could be […]

Results Based Motivation To Succeed

When we began paying commissions on sales of Beachbody products to our customers, with an incentive for them to bring in additional reps to spread the word, the only customer complaints pertained to the seedy reputation of other multi-level marketers as a “pyramid scheme”. That reputation is largely due to […]

This Is Not Your Father’s Home Based Business