Double Time

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Super Trainer Tony Horton created Double Time with families in mind. After all, how many healthy activities are there for two people to do together—aside from watching TV? Well, Double Time is less watching, more doing. It’s the first fitness program where you and your partner (like a spouse, a friend, or your kid) can tag-team daily workouts and eat yummy, healthy food together—all while sharing some one-on-one time.

Just grab a ball and a partner and you’re good to go. Each workout is short and sweet—all 35 minutes or less. You will sweat, but because you’re working together to complete each move, the workouts feel more like play and less like work!

Studies show that you’re way more likely to succeed with a fitness routine when you do it with another person. Think about it. Just knowing you’ll have someone on the same page as you…working out with you, laughing with you, eating better…you’ll be more motivated to make healthier choices and stick with the program!