After her third pregnancy, Jaimie felt the heaviest she’s ever been. She wanted to be a healthier version of herself for her sons and her husband. She decided to try INSANITY and saw immediate success! After just two rounds, she lost 62 pounds! Read about her success in her own […]

Jaimie Lost 62 Pounds With Insanity!

Sarah lost 67 pounds after the birth of her second child
The day is winding down and it was a good day for a change.  Some day I may share with you what the last six months have been like, but not now.  I just want to get through another day of looking up.  I also wanted to use this post […]

67 Pounds of Pregnancy Weight Loss

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?* I felt terrible about myself. Being in the Navy and being the biggest guy in your unit isn’t a good feeling. I was sick of being called “the big guy”. I […]

It Took Me Four Tries to Complete Insanity

From The Beachbody Challenge Success Stories The “old me” weighed 284 pounds, was always tired, really depressed, and thought it was my destiny to be fat, teased, and discriminated against for the rest of my life. For a long time I just accepted who I was and didn’t think I […]

She’s Half the Woman She Used to Be…

Last Reminder:  There are now only 36 hours left to save $90.00 on the Insanity Challenge Pack.  Act now or say bye bye to the $90.00 you wish that you had saved on the Insanity Challenge Pack by purchasing it before 11:59 pm ET tomorrow, April 30th! Want to save […]

Insane Not to Save $90.00!

I have heard a lot of people say that they use chocolate milk as a recovery drink for their P90X , Insanity, or other Beachbody workout. Chocolate milk is not necessarily a terrible thing to use after a workout, but is it the best thing to put in your body […]

Chocolate Milk as a Recovery Drink?

I have been involved in some sort of fitness regimen most of my life. From playing youth sports as a child, to weight lifting in my teens and early twenties, to mountain biking. In recent years I dipped into the “in-home fitness” spectrum of exercising. It started when my wife […]

Why Beachbody?