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We are Team Beachbody Coaches and we look forward to you joining us as a member of our community. Team Howtobefit has over 500 coaches nationwide and more than 20,000 members. We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching and how effective our community of members have been in achieving their goals.

We strive for excellence in every aspect of what we do from providing accountability, support, guidance, motivation and inspiration to helping our members get more involved with helping others to achieve their
health and fitness goals and showing them how they can invest in their health and fitness. To get started with one of our memberships, click on our images to learn more about us. We will help you determine the best membership for you as well as helping you develop the best action plan to reach your health, fitness and positive lifestyle goals.


Team Beachbody Coach Ayanna Penn Team Beachbody Coach George Penn Team Beachbody Coach Jessica Watters Team Beachbody Coach Rich Dafter

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