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Shift Shop Speed: 25 is one heck of a workout.  I work out in an unheated sunroom, and even though it is almost the end of November, I worked up a sweat from doing half of my workout between Zone 3 and Zone 5 according to my Polar M600. What […]

Shift Shop Speed 25 – The Challenge du Jour

I'm Thankful for my Family
Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope and pray that you are having a joy filled day and that you are finding ways to give thanks.  I am thankful to be a member with you of the Team Beachbody community. Last night at Calvary Albuquerque, we had our annual Thanksgiving banner service during […]

Happy Thanksgiving – I’m Thankful For…

Beginner's Guide to Losing Weight with Beachbody
From the Beachbody On Demand Blog, November 21, 2017 | BY: Rebecca Pardess My name is Rebecca and I love cheese. I’m also a digital marketing professional, freelance writer, wife, dog mom of two, and I drive 70 miles round-trip to work every day. So you could say I’m a little […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Losing Weight With Beachbody

Wasted time.  At my age, every minute counts and I want every one of them to be productive and to bear fruit. Washing dishes is wasted time unless I do something at the same time and that means watching running videos on YouTube.  In their selection for me this afternoon […]

Wasted Time

Double Time - Family Fit Family Fun
Double Time is the new family fun and fitness program from Tony Horton Wouldn’t you love to spend more quality time with your family? Doing something that’s fun, but can also make fitness part of your everyday life? Now, you and a partner can get in shape—and have a blast—with […]

Double Time for Family Fit Family Fun Workouts

Autumn and Bobby Calabrese Fixate Cooking Class
Autumn Calabrese and her brother, professional chef Bobby Calabrese started the Fixate cooking classes so you can get more creative with your healthy, portion-controlled eating plan. With the Fixate show on Beachbody On Demand, you’ll also learn nutrition fundamentals and get a lot of great new recipes too.   Who […]

FIXATE Cooking Classes on Beachbody On Demand

Tony Horton One On One
Tony Horton One On One is actually one of his workout series that he did after P90X for which he is best known.  The workouts are filmed in his home and you get the feeling that you are working out just with him and that he is your personal trainer. […]

Tony Horton’s One On One

Weekend Warrior Yoga. That’s not for us, right, because we are working out all week long. Actually, this 30:00 class will help you build strength and increase flexibility so you can go out and play hard on the weekends without getting injured.  And, just in case you are feeling beaten […]

Weekend Warrior Yoga With Ted McDonald

Is the Sugar in Fruit Healthy or Unhealthy?
I just got an email from Forks Over Knives and want to share this article, “Is the Sugar in Fruit Healthy or Unhealthy?”  Forks Over Knives “empowers people to live healthier lives by changing the way the world understands nutrition”.  That’s why I want to share this article.  It is […]

Is the Sugar in Fruit Healthy or Unhealthy?

Your Health is Worth Fighting For - Core de Force
Today’s Challenge du Jour in Beachbody On Demand is MMA Shred from Core de Force with Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews.  You will kick things up a notch with Muay-Thai-inspired elbows and kicks for a head-to-toe shred that’ll lean you out fast. To get a 14 day free trial of […]

Core de Force MMA Shred

With the SHIFT SHOP, Chris Downing has created a breakthrough rapid-rebuild program that can help anyone—at any age or fitness level—get leaner, faster and stronger in only 3 weeks. What is the SHIFT SHOP? • The SHIFT SHOP is a program developed by Beachbody® Super Trainer Chris Downing, a functional elite fitness […]

Shift Shop With Chris Downing

A Beginner's Guide to Weightlifting
We all have to start somewhere in whatever we endeavor to do. I started weight lifting in my 30’s and I learned a lot from some TV show back then. Then I kept learning and eventually became a personal trainer and turned health and fitness into a career. Here’s some […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting