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No, my year doesn’t start on February 1st.  It has just taken a month to take this year’s bull by the horns and put in place a plan to make this the best year ever.  At the end of last year, I was told that I would be a Polar […]

New Month, New Year, New Me

An open letter to my team of Beachbody Coaches: Coaches, you can change your body in eight weeks, you can change other people’s bodies in eight weeks and you can change lives forever over the next two months. I am proof of how successful you can be changing people’s lives […]

Real People, Real Commitment, Real Success

Just a little while ago, I had a revelation that I needed to be receptive to receiving and acting on.  That epiphany was that it is stupid to be a Team Beachbody Coach and at almost 62 to still think in my head that I am a runner.  I am […]

It’s Stupid to be a Team Beachbody Coach…

With such horrific things as the shooting in Aurora, CO happening all too frequently, why shouldn’t I be glued to the TV to learn more?  That’s a good question when so much of everyone’s attention is focused on those events and all of the bad news in the world.  My […]

Why I Don’t Watch the News

Instead of just working on your body and building your body, you could be building your dreams and building the dreams of others at the same time. Are you just going to the gym or working out at home and solely thinking about your issues? Well what about the same […]

Don’t Just Build Your Body, Build Your Dreams

I do believe Asylum is my favorite workout program to date!  All the workouts in this program are created to prepare you for Game Day, the first of which is on day 11.  I was nervous for Game Day since Vertical Plyo is the craziest workout ever created (a workout […]

Fitness with Diana Asylum: My favorite workout program ...

I passed a milestone on Thursday when my commissions as a Team Beachbody Coach surpassed $100,000.00. The only reason that I am telling you that is because I want you all to know that it is possible to make money with Team Beachbody. With daily effort, passion, perseverance and patience, […]

My First $100,000.00