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After spending years in the lab, I have come up with the formula for being forever young:  Regular exercise + good nutrition + positive lifestyle choices = forever young – or at least quality of life for a longer period of time than most people think possible.  You know that’s […]

Forever Young?

When choosing a workout program to fit into your lifestyle, there are many considerations including weight loss and fitness goals, your interests(dance, kickbox, martial arts, sports), level of difficulty, and time. Not everyone will enjoy or benefit from the same program.  However, every effective workout program must contain three components: […]

What Fitness Program is Right For You and Your Goals?

Insanity Fit Test – Day 1 Well today was the official start of Day 1 of Insanity with my husband.  The Insanity Fit Test marked our first day.  We haven’t worked out together in years, so its fun to start something new with him. I did Insanity last year and […]

Insanity Fit Test – Day 1

Compared to yesterday’s Plyometrics X workout, today was no sweat – or at least I wasn’t sweating like I was yesterday.  I woke up with sore legs and knowing that my body had moved in ways that it wasn’t used to after yesterday’s workout. After listening to Tony Horton’s comments […]

P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms – No Sweat

Happy Monday!  I was so excited when I opened my April issue of Health Magazine and found that they featured a workout by Tony Horton, creator of P90X,  10 Minute Trainer , Power 90 and other Beach Body workouts. The Health Magazine featured workout borrows some of the exercises from 10 […]

Health Mag April Issue Features Workout by Tony Horton of ...

Let’s face it, we’re all just like fish in the sea of fitness, and just like all people who work out, we thrive in different environments.  Basically, we can be divided into the people who go to the gym and the people who would never work out at the gym […]

We’re All Fish in the Sea of Fitness

Most of you have figured out by now that I work out virtually every day thanks to the fact the I have successfully recovered from a chronic illness that took away my confidence in my health.  The new found confidence that I have in my health came as a direct […]

Motivate the Team Beachbody Coach Contest