Compared to yesterday’s Plyometrics X workout, today was no sweat – or at least I wasn’t sweating like I was yesterday.  I woke up with sore legs and knowing that my body had moved in ways that it wasn’t used to after yesterday’s workout. After listening to Tony Horton’s comments […]

P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms – No Sweat

Simple question:  are you getting results from your gym membership?  I hope the answer is yes because given the cost, you should be.  Plus, you have all of the equipment available to you to get those results.  But what if you are not?  What is missing?  Perhaps, unless you can […]

Expense vs Results – The Cost to Benefit Ratio

Update:  Congratulations to Bill Cowan, the one millionth member to work out in WOWY, the Online SuperGym!  There were 3,105 workouts done in WOWY on September 13th and Bill is the big winner.  Thank you!  Let’s all start working on being winners of the next contest.  You can still be […]

Who Will Do The One Millionth WOWY Workout?