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Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Fashion Dos and Don'ts for Your New Figure

By Monica Ciociola
From the Million Dollar Body Club - Join Today and Workout to Win!

You've been working out for months, following a healthy eating plan and you're starting to see all your hard work pay off. Now that you've overcome the toughest part losing the weight don't blow it on the easy part - fashion. Nothing can erase months of hard work faster than the wrong fashion decision, like wearing pleated pants with a tapered leg, which, unless you're Teri Hatcher, will make you look like you swallowed a beach ball. Here's a simple list of dos and don'ts based on the body you've got now.

Pear Shaped/Bottom Heavy
Do wear

  • Shirts: Bright, colorful tops to draw attention away from your bottom. V-necks, open-collared shirts to put the focus on your face. Semi-fitted, tailored, button-down shirts to enhance your upper body.
  • Pants: Dark or neutral colors. Flat-front pants with a slightly lower-rise waist for a better fit. Straight or slightly boot-cut leg. Loose fabrics around your hips.
  • Skirts: Knee-length, A-line skirts to draw attention away from problem areas.

Don't wear

  • Shirts: Too baggy will make you look big all over. Too tight will accentuate your bottom heaviness.
  • Pants: Patterns, cargo pants, big pockets, or other fussy details will draw attention to your bottom.
  • Skirts: Miniskirts will accentuate heavy thighs.
Apple Shaped/Top Heavy
Do wear
  • Shirts: Neutral colors and solid patterns. Heavier, stretch fabrics that skim the body and give the illusion of a waist.
  • Pants: Flat-front pants with a lower-rise waist.
  • Skirts: Graceful, flowing, colorful printed skirts with a nice sheen to balance out your figure and give you more of an hourglass look. Skirts above the knee to play up nice legs.
Don't wear
  • Shirts: Full or puffy sleeves.
  • Pants: Too baggy will make you look big all over. Too tight will accentuate your top heaviness.
  • Skirts: Full skirts will make you look big all over.
Thick Legs
Do wear
  • Pants: Loose-fitting pants in a heavy material that glides over your legs. Straight-leg pants in a heavier fabric starting at the widest part of your leg, going straight down and breaking at the top of your shoe.
  • Skirts: Knee-length A-line skirts and dresses or cut on the bias will slenderize your legs.
Don't wear
  • Pants: Tight-fitting pants that cling to your legs will make them look thicker. Capri pants tend to cut your legs off at the calf and make them look wider and shorter.
  • Skirts: Tight-fitting or miniskirts will accentuate heavy thighs.
Girl Got Backside
Do wear
  • Pants: Medium-rise pants, flat-back pockets, and wide-leg pants will help balance out a big butt.
  • Shirts: Semi-fitted shirts that extend just over your pants will help trim a big butt.
Don't wear
  • Pants: High-waisted, tapered pants will make you look more rotund around the middle. Bulky back pockets will make your butt look bigger.
  • Shirts: Big, long shirts or sweaters will add more volume around your butt.
Too Well-Endowed
Do wear
  • Shirts: Discreet V-necks and open-collared shirts to draw attention to your face and neck.
Don't wear
  • Shirts: Fussy necklines and collars, patterns, and prints will make your chest look even bigger.
Flat Chested
Do wear
  • Shirts: Shirts with detail or pockets around your bustline. Layered, loose-fitting flowing shirts to add volume. Low, daring backs to show some skin.
Don't wear
  • Shirts: Plunging, scooped, revealing necklines will make you look even flatter.

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