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Romantic Workout

5 Ways to Sweat with Your Sweetie

By Denis Faye
From the Million Dollar Body Club - Join Today and Workout to Win!

What are you doing for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Dinner and a movie? A box of chocolates? Who are you? Forrest Gump? Come on! You're working towards a firm, hard body! Who wants to sit around and eat junk? You can do better than that! But how do you do that and keep the romance dialed up to 11 at the same time? Here are a few ideas:

  1. SkiCross-country skiing. While hitting the slopes might dial up the adrenaline, going cross-country is a much better way to spend a quiet, romantic few hours alone with your beloved, checking out the winter wonderland. Plus, it's a much better prolonged cardio workout, therefore burning more calories than downhill skiing. Score extra points with your date by packing a thermos full of hot cider.

    Three hours of cross-country skiing = approx. 2,700 calories.

  2. SkatesIce skating. Pretty much every romantic movie ever made has an obligatory lovey-dovey-on-the-ice-rink scene. If it's good enough for Hollywood, it's good enough for us! If you're seeking a slightly more credible source, look to Ice Skating—Steps to Success by Karin Künzle-Watson and Dr. Stephen J. DeArmond, which explains that the sport manages to be both low-impact and high-energy while improving strength and coordination—provided you don't fall down too much. If there are no frozen lake beds or indoor rinks in your area, roller skating works in a pinch.

    One hour of ice skating, moderate speed = approx. 400 calories

  3. CampCold weather camping. Yeah, yeah, it doesn't seem mushy from the sound of it, but you'll spend your days hiking or backpacking, your evenings huddled by the fire, and your nights? Well, once you tuck into your sleeping bag, you might want to feign a little hypothermia because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the best ways to fight the condition is to "use skin-to-skin contact under loose, dry layers of blankets, clothing, towels, or sheets." Sounds good to us!

    Two hours of backpacking = approx. 1,100 calories
    One hour of "fighting hypothermia" = approx. 190 calories

  4. RockRock climbing. Again, how is this romantic? While you scale the wall, your lover holds your safety line. He or she is the only thing between "climbing" you and "pile-of-broken-bones-on-the-floor" you. Scary? Yes, but that´s a good thing. According to Purdue University communications professor Glenn Sparks, fear's physiological stimulation can intensify any positive emotions following the experience—making the moment you share once you're down from the wall all the more special.

    Two hours of rock climbing, including belaying = approx. 800 calories

  5. UrbanUrban sightseeing. So your hometown isn't exactly the City of Lights, but surely you can fashion some sort of romantic stroll on the local streets. If you find some sort of map and guide, great. If you can't, all the better. You'll be getting some low-impact aerobic benefit, sure. But you'll also be alone with your date in a situation that doesn't require shoving food in your mouth or watching a screen or focusing on your workout. In other words, the two of you will have plenty of time to talk, which works wonders on any relationship, new or old.

    Three hours walking at 3 mph = approx. 1,000 calories

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