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Chinese New Year 2007

4 Predictions for Year of the Pig

By Jude Buglewicz
From the Million Dollar Body Club - Join Today and Workout to Win!

Year of the PigHappy New Year! Chinese New Year, that is. It's the Year of the Pig, which you might think would imply 12 months of unbridled gluttony, but no. Because in Chinese astrology, while Pigs are indeed known for pursuing the good life, they're also organized, diligent, and strong willed. Ronald Reagan was born in the Year of the Pig, as was Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton, and Henry Kissinger. No party animals in that bunch! So what does the Pig Year mean for us - especially in terms of diet and fitness?

Yin YangFirst, a super-crash course in Chinese astrology so you'll have a better understanding of the symbolism to follow. It's based on the lunar calendar, and dates back to 2637 BC, when the first cycle was introduced by Emperor Huang Ti. A full cycle is 60 years, made up of five 12-year sequences. We are now in the 78th 60-year cycle. There are 12 animal names (with the Pig being the 12th, or last animal in the cycle), and five elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth). The animals are further divided into yin and yang (or passive and active). The Pig is a yin animal. Every 12 years there is a different animal "element" - a Metal Pig, Water Pig, Wood Pig, Fire Pig, and Earth Pig, so it takes 60 years to cycle back to the same animal and element.

This year is the Year of the Yin Fire Pig, or "Red Pig," also celebrated as the "Golden Pig." It's believed that a child born in the Year of the Golden Pig will be prosperous and wealthy, which has demographers in China and Korea predicting a 10 percent rise in the average birthrates for this year. In many cultures, pigs symbolize fertility, abundance, and good luck. One fortune-teller, Lee Sing-tong, maintains that a very talented and intelligent person (a future prime minister perhaps) will be born in the east or south of China on June 30th.

Chinese ParadeNow, whether or not you "believe" in this view of the world and our place in it, or you're just curious, for what it's worth, here's what the soothsayers are predicting - accompanied by a few of our own suggestions for what it means in terms of your diet and fitness goals! (Always working the healthy lifestyle angles here!)

  • Rose Colored GlassesOptimism. This is the good news. Expansive feelings, openness, and warmth predominate all qualities associated with the generous, sociable Pig. You may even be inspired to buy those advanced workouts and start tackling your challenging fitness goals. Go for it! Just proceed with reasonable caution, as "fire standing on water," which is the elemental composition of this Pig Year, could also mean explosions and fires. Yikes.

  • CashTumultuous economy. This is closely related to optimism, which inspires people to spend money and bet against the odds with more abandon. Consequently, the stock market is predicted to be very active for the first half of the year, and then less so in the autumn and winter months. No lingering crashes are expected, however, as the "Wood" element in the Pig will continue to fuel the fire, ensuring we'll bounce back. Look out next year, though - the Year of the Rat is expected to be a different story. Meanwhile, stock up on workout programs and high-grade equipment now while the money is flowing!

  • Yoga On WaterDisharmony. Not so good news. "Fire standing on water" isn't pleasant. Water extinguishes fire, or "conquers" it, symbolizing turbulence and conflict. Trouble can be expected in all the usual hot spots of the world and natural disasters are predicted. But out of all the trouble good is expected to prevail and problems resolved. Getting strong and fit certainly wouldn't hurt this year, as we all know how exercise reduces stress and tension and so is a good way to reduce the disharmony in our own lives at least.

  • FruitHeart watch. Each of the fire Chinese astrological elements is also associated with parts of the body. Fire is associated with blood, its circulation, and the heart. Raymond Lo, a Chinese astrologer and feng shui practitioner recommends taking extra care of the health of your heart in this year of the Fire Pig and getting plenty of exercise and eating fresh fruits and vegetables and heart-healthy fats to ward off cardiovascular disease. Of course, that's excellent advice any time, but an extra incentive to exercise and eat right is always welcome!

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