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4 Ways Exercise Boosts Your Brain

By Jordana Haspel
From the Million Dollar Body Club - Join Today and Workout to Win!

Kids LearningIt may seem like a strange questiondoes working out have anything to do with how smart you are? But more and more research is suggesting that the answer is a resounding "Yes." Exercising can do everything from slowing the aging process to helping children learn to read (for more, read "Diet, Exercise, and Your Kid's Grades"). So if you're having trouble motivating yourself to trim your tummy, maybe you can do it to build your brain.

What does exercising do for your brain?

  1. Older Person LearningPrevents memory loss. As we get older, our brain density decreases. In mice, exercising causes them to grow new brain cells, and recent studies suggest that the same happens to people. Working out can help stave off memory loss and preserve higher-order thinking. Another study indicates that exercising can help prevent Alzheimer's.

  2. All A's. Exercising increases blood flow to the brain, bringing it more oxygen and glucose. The increased brain activity carries over to learning; several studies have shown that kids who exercise regularly also do better in school. Exercising helps improve balance, spatial relations, and rhythm—skills that can help with reading and language acquisition.

  3. Kids Running AroundDon't worry, be happy. Exercising helps relieve anxiety and depression, sometimes as well as or better than medications. Some doctors are even using exercise to help treat learning disorders (like dyslexia) and attention deficit disorder(ADD). And the effects of exercise on your mood last as long as you continue to exercise, helping prevent relapses of mood disorders.

  4. Longevity. Reducing your brain's exposure to insulin may increase your lifespan. One way to get that insulin down? Living a healthy lifestyle (read this for 10 life-extending foods). There are so many health benefits you can get from exercising, many of which can extend your life, that this new information hardly sounds like news.

Tony & the Kids!A lot of the research on the subject has been done on children. After all, they're the ones we normally associate with learning. And getting them into fitness when they're young will help them learn to make exercise a part of their lives. Tony & the Kids! is an effective way to get children excited about exercising. That doesn't mean the brain benefits of working out only apply to children, however. Young to old, exercising can sharpen your wits while it slims your hips. Of course, all of these brain-boosting effects only occur with regular exercise, so Keep Pushing Play!

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