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Body Shape

How to Fix Where You Get Fat

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Apple shaped body and pear shaped bodyHere's something else you can blame on your parents, I mean, on your genetic inheritance: your body shape. Essentially, we fall into one of two general types - apples or pears - depending on where we tend to store fat. More fat around the waist? You're an apple. Bottom-heavy? Hello, pear. Each type has its own set of health risks, but also its own fixes and healthy guidelines to minimize potential troubles. Here are some diet and fitness tips to help you achieve your ideal shape.

Apples.You agonize about your love handles and your "spare tire." You're bigger on top than on bottom. Pears are jealous of your slimmer hips. You're jealous of their flatter bellies.

  • Eat fiber rich foodsPotential health problems. Because you store fat in your midsection, around your organs, when you gain weight, you're at risk for obesity-related problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
  • Game plan. You need to shed the extra inches around your waist and avoid spikes in your blood sugar level.
  • Diet: Eat more fiber-rich foods such as whole grains and fruits and vegetables to slow digestion.
  • Exercise: Cardio. Break out the fat-burning videos! High-energy programs that get your heart rate going, such as Turbo JamTM or the new Fat Burning workout in Power 90®, are the way to go.

Pears. You gain weight below the belt. "Through the lips straight to the hips" is your lament. Saddlebags are a nagging trouble spot. You tend to have more cellulite than apples, but, on the bright side, you've got the curvier booty.

  • Potential health problems. With extra weight in your lower body, you're more likely to have varicose veins. Over time, pear women are also more at risk for losing bone strength.
  • Eat low fat foodsGame plan. Inside an overweight pear is the coveted hourglass waiting to strut her stuff.
  • Diet: Follow Beachbody's healthy diet guidelines, but make a special effort to choose low-fat foods (just beware of high sugar content in low-fat products you don't need those empty calories!). Avoid foods with excessive amounts of saturated fat, such as whole milk products, butterfat, red meats, and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. So, donuts, ice cream, and thick, fatty steaks? Out. Skim milk, veggies with fat-free dip, and lean meats? In.
  • Exercise with resistance training and cardio workoutsExercise: Resistance training. Grab dumbbells or resistance bands to strengthen your muscles and bones, and sculpt your thighs and booty with targeted toning exercises. Beachbody programs like Yoga Booty BalletTM, Slim In Six TM, and Project: YOUTM are all ideal for reshaping bottom-heavy pears.

Of course, this isn't to say that Apples should never lift weights or Pears should strictly avoid fat-burning cardio workouts. Both types can benefit plenty from full-body fitness programs that combine both—especially when they're trying to get to their target weight or develop an overall stronger, leaner physique (a la P90X®, for example). But if you're working hard and losing weight and still can't get rid of those love handles or saddlebags, try focusing on what's most effective for your body shape.

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