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Healthy Easter Egg Hunting

6 Ways to Make Your Little Hoppers Happy—and Healthy

By Jordana Haspel
From the Million Dollar Body Club - Join Today and Workout to Win!

Easter BasketThey're filled with colored boiled eggs, little chocolate footballs, and brightly colored marshmallow peeps, and kids think they're the best thing since Halloween. But Easter baskets also pack a fattening, sugar-filled punch. With childhood obesity on the rise, it may be time for us to rethink these bountiful baskets. So here are some ideas for healthier Easter goodies that will still have your kids brimming with excitement:

  • Plush BunnyStuffed bunny. Instead of chocolate, make it a plush bunny. It will last longer, won't rot your child's teeth, and could be their new best friend.

  • Dark ChocolateGo dark. You probably can't totally eliminate chocolate from the basket without screams of protest, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Chocolate—especially dark chocolate—contains flavonoids, which have antioxidant powers, and can contribute to cardiovascular health. This doesn't mean go gorge on Cadbury eggs, however; chocolate still has a lot of fat and sugar. But some small, dark chocolate candies on a special occasion like Easter won't do a lot of harm. Better yet, give dark chocolate—covered raisins or almonds.

  • BubblesBubbles. These soapy suds delight everyone, young and old. Your children will have as much fun chasing them as they have hunting for those elusive Easter eggs. Just make sure to remind them—this is one holiday treat that doesn't go in their mouths!

  • Colored chalk. It's finally spring and time to get those kids out of doors. They'll love making a mess on the sidewalk, and you'll love that they're not in front of the TV. Being outside will give them a chance to run around, plus sunlight helps increase vitamin D. Just make sure to give them sunblock!

  • PretzelsPretzels. A small bag of pretzels isn't exactly good for you (high in sodium and carbs), but it's not horrible either. They're junky enough to make your children feel like they're getting away with something by eating them, but are low in fat and sugar compared to other snacks. And they can burn off these carbs running around.

  • CookiesHealthy snacks. Nuts and fruit are great additions, or even a box of 100% juice (make sure it has no added sugar). Try baking healthier versions of muffins or cookies. Check out one of our articles on healthy food substitutions for ideas. Even some more candy is OK, just not too much, and keep the portions small.

Easter baskets may never be very healthy—like Halloween trick-or-treating, that's kind of the point. But following these tips will help you minimize the damage. Even better, try feeding your kids so little junk food every day that these baskets seem like a huge treat. They'll enjoy the holiday even more, and will thank you when they become adults who live and eat healthily.

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