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New Year Resolution

5 Ways to Pamper Yourself in the New Year

By Joe Wilkes
From the Million Dollar Body Club - Join Today and Workout to Win!

It's the New Year. Time for new beginnings, and time for the resolutions that THIS year, we're going to keep. Less junk food! Less alcohol! No smoking! More exercise! Portion control! We're back on the road to recovery after a major holiday detour. But life can't be all about depriving yourself. There are still a lot of ways you can have a good time without putting something in your mouth. Here are some ideas for treating yourself that won't set your resolutions back a year.

  1. Meditation. Tired? Tense? Instead of lying on the couch face down in a pile of Cheetos, why not try something a little more transcendental? By turning your mind inward, you can reach true inner peace as opposed to the peace found in a caloric bottle of chardonnay. Spiritual refreshment rather than refreshing spirits, if you will. And if you add a little yoga to your meditation time, it can add to your physical fitness.
  2. Massage. This is a great way to pamper yourself after a hard day at the office or as a great reward for a well-done workout. There are all kinds of professional massages available, including deep tissue, shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, and many more. Use some of that money you're saving by not eating out or boozing it up to treat yourself to some hands-on relaxation. If you're uneasy about going to a pro, enlist the help of a significant other—who knows, it could lead to other stress-relieving activities. Or, you could always give yourself a relaxing massage—at least the parts you can reach. And for the parts that you can't, there are any number of mechanical implements widely available that will help you vibrate, knead, and pound your troubles away. Check out this article from the Beachbody archives for more on massage.
  3. Baths. Years ago, a friend of mine found a horrible detox diet in a fashion magazine that she insisted we try. It consisted of eating mainly millet (which I found out later is the main component in birdseed), flaxseed oil, and steamed cauliflower. After three days of nothing but birdseed and veggies, neither of us was able to venture more than 50 yards from the nearest bathroom. The diet was awful, but it had one good thing—baths. Every day we were supposed to use a body brush to brush our skin and then settle into a hot bath with lavender and chamomile oils. It was pure heaven. (Unfortunately, the terrible irony was the bathtub was in the same room as the toilet.) After the diet blissfully ended, bath time remained.
  4. A nice cup of tea. Giving up that glass of wine or two (or ten) in the evening is a resolution that a lot of people have trouble keeping. Why not begin exploring the world of tea? It's not just that soggy bag of Lipton anymore. Tea shops are popping up all over the place. And the ceremony of making a cup or pot of tea can be as relaxing as the beverage itself. Try out different flavors and types of tea: black, green, or herbal. Most of them have some health benefits, and some may even have medicinal value. Click here to read more about herbal teas.
  5. Retail therapy. Often, we get used to rewarding ourselves for a job well done with some sort of food or beverage. But when it comes to rewarding yourself for diet and exercise, this kind of reward system can be pretty self-defeating. Instead of using food, how about getting yourself something new to wear. Especially if you've been sticking to your diet and workout schedule, you can start rocking some smaller sizes. And even if you haven't reached the weight where you're ready to start building your "skinny" wardrobe yet, you can still reward yourself with accessories like jewelry, hats, or some nonwearable item like a music CD. A friend of mine quit smoking by treating himself to three new CDs every week, since he figured that was the amount he was saving on cigarettes. Before long he'd kicked the habit and built an extensive music collection! Read more about buying clothes for your new figure here.

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