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Team Beachbody is Endorsed by the American Diabetes Association
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Calorie Burning

Test Your Spring Calorie Burning IQ!

By Joe WilkesFrom the Million Dollar Body Club - Join Today and Workout to Win!

Calories are calculated for a 160-pound person

  1. hoseWatering the lawn with a hose. Burns 144 calories per hour. But if you water plants by hand with a watering can, you can knock that up to 240 calories per hour.

  2. Car WashWashing the car. Burns 288 calories per hour. If you want to amp that up, try washing your dog—that burns 336 calories per hour.

  3. Gardening. Burns 384 calories per hour. If it's mostly weeding, you can ratchet that up to 432 calories per hour.

  4. MowerMowing the lawn pushing an electric mower. Burns 528 calories per hour. If you use a non-electric push lawnmower, you'll burn 576 calories per hour. If you use a riding mower, you're not really trying to burn calories, are you?

  5. SwimmingSwimming. Burns 576 calories per hour. And that's just for casual splashing around. If you want to really go for it, swimming laps can burn up to 960 calories per hour!

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I am a full time Beachbody Coach. I motivate and guide close to 2,500 Club members and head a team of 11 Beachbody Coaches who are all committed to helping you reach your goals. Before joining BeachBody, I was a certified personal trainer for more than a dozen years and have been a running coach for over 20 years. Continued...


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