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WOWY Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a workout buddy? Check out WOWY® (Work Out With You), the virtual gym that enables you to work out with other Million Dollar Body members from across the country! WOWY also features advanced tools for scheduling your workouts and communicating with your buddies.







My Next Workout: This area lists your next scheduled workout, activity, and any Success Buddies who will be joining you. If you want to alter any of this information, click "change" to go to the Calendar/Scheduler page.

If you do not have a workout planned, click on "Schedule your workout" to go to the Calendar/Scheduler page.

Click here to start your workout! This button begins your WOWY session. Before you start your workout, you have the option of writing a message to post in the gym. When you're ready to start, click "Enter WOWY Now!" Once you are finished with your workout, click "Done." You then have another opportunity to post a message.

Once you've started your workout, you are automatically entered to win the Million Dollar Body Game daily prize!


Update my WOWY calendar: This section is where you set up your WOWY appointments. Click on the day you want to work out, choose your workout time, then select what fitness program you will do. If you want to invite friends to join you, or find other people who will be working out at the same time, click "Success Buddies." Under "Other Options," you can reset your calendar, and change which programs and supplements you are using.

Click "Save and Exit" when you are done.


Success Buddy: You can ask other people to work out with you in WOWY. When you schedule your workout, click "Success Buddies" to go to your Address Book, where you can choose who to invite.

My Buddy Address Book: Want a Success Buddy for your next workout? You can invite anyone in your address book, even if they're not Million Dollar Body members (they will have to join for access to the gym, however).

Add to your address book by looking up a member, clicking the "Select" box next to their picture, then clicking "Add Selected Members to Address Book." For non-members, fill in their first name, last name and email address, then click "Add This Buddy."


Diary: Improve your results by keeping a written journal of your workout, diet, and feelings. All of your entries are completely confidential and seen by you only.

Just click on "Add a New Entry," then enter text in the spaces provided. The diary gives you space to log your exercise, diet, and mood. Click "Submit This Entry" when you are done.


Transformation Tracker: This advanced tool lets you track your fitness transformation in an easy-to-read graphic. We recommend updating your progress at least every month to get the maximum benefit from this tool.

My Weekly Goals: Every journey is made up of small steps. Set weekly goals for yourself as the stepping stones of your own journey to change your habits and your health.

WOWY Workout Groups: Connect with other people who share your goals, experience, or interests. When you check to see who's in WOWY, they'll be the first members you see!

Who's in WOWY? You can see who's in WOWY right now and who was there recently by clicking "Who's in WOWY Right NOW!" and "Recently in WOWY." Check up on who you'll be working out with in the future by clicking "Who's scheduled to work out later?"

Change my WOWY Image: Choose a photo to represent you when you're working out in WOWY. The picture should be of your face, can include part or all of your figure, and should be of you alone.

To upload the photo, click "Change My WOWY Image," click "Browse," then select the photo you want from your computer's hard drive. Pictures must be in JPEG or GIF format and no larger than 750 kb.

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Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. The testimonials featured may have used more than one Million Dollar Body product or extended the program to achieve their results. The information on our Web sites is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. If you experience any pain or difficulty with exercises or diet, stop and consult your healthcare provider.

The Million Dollar Body contest and sweepstakes, member discounts, and personal Coaches are currently available only to US residents.

The views and opinions of authors, trainers, experts and any other contributors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect the attitudes and opinions of Million Dollar Body or Beachbody. These views and opinions shall not be attributed to or otherwise endorsed by Million Dollar Body or Beachbody, and may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes without the express, written consent of Million Dollar Body.

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